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Fragrance Review: Armani Si Passione (2018) ~ Fragrance Reviews

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×   Forum Fragram News Perfumes Search Designers Countries Parent Companies Industries Notes Perfumers Search by notes Groups Colors Awards Awards 2019 Awards 2018 Awards 2017 About Notes Perfumers Forum Fragram About Fragrance Review: Armani Si Passione (2018) Fragrance Reviews by Dr. Marlen Elliot Harrison ( 10 comments ) Summary: Si Passione, the newest flanker of Armani's Si line is perhaps its freshest and juiciest yet. Goodbye bold chypre fruity, hello demure fruity floral! Perfumer: Unknown Try this if you like: The original Si but didn't like its patchouli; juicy cassis/black currant; light rose aromas (vs bold); fresh and fruity aromas that might remind one of a shower gel or shampoo (and let's face it, some of us LOVE this kind of scent). Reminds me of: Giorgio Armani Si Rose Signature, Bvlgari Omnia Coral's juicy freshness, one of the Maria Carey Lollipop scents, maybe Vision of Love? Pros & Cons: Die hard fans of Si will likely be disappointed to find that Passion does not equal a richer, bolder, or more gourmand Si. Apparently the brand felt that passion in a red bottle could best be represented by fruity notes. But as far as fruity notes go, the pear is downplayed while the cassis takes centerstage. And a quick note about that red bottle - it's pretty fabulous. However, if you enjoyed the idea of Si - a blend of patchouli, cassis, rose and vanilla - but felt that the patchouli was a bit too much for you, or that the scent might have been too mature, you might love Passione's subtler composition (though with a name like Passione, I'd expected something bolder, not subtler). Early reviews are completely polarized for Si Passione - it seems to be either a love it or hate it scent. For example, Fragrantica reviewer Eicher writes, "Huge dislike from my side, though I have great esteem for Armani's perfume. It all comes down to one's chemistry, but to me it smells like a cheap body mist. The kind I used to buy as a teenager at the underground station for a couple of cents. I tried this Passion today and couldn't stop rubbing it off my skin." And reviewer tk2423 counters with, "I don't understand the bad reviews.... I just got this and I got soooo many compliments on it when I wore it; more than 15 people asked me what I was wearing, it smells so fresh compared to the original which I find a bit cloudy and over powering." Another reviewer, MysticRose explains her take on the scent, "I've never really cared for the other Sì fragrances because I find them nauseatingly sweet. I was instantly drawn to the striking red bottle of Sì Passione and decided to give it a go. It's a beautiful refreshing and fruity fragrance that is reminiscent of Viva La Juicy. It opens with a tart and hearty array of fruity and floral accords (juicy pear, blackcurrant, something akin to pomegranate and a dash of rose). Having tested this several times since, I've found that the fruitiness remains throughout the lifetime of the fragrance, and there is no dull dry down phase. It doesn't have any of the original Sì DNA as far as I can smell. Fruity fragrances tend to dry down awfully on me, but this is rather nice." And Iamoir offers a complex assessment, asserting, "The drydown of Si Passione smells like a generic fruity-vanilla poudreé, soft and light on the skin, sheer, almost untraceable and barely lasting three hours, let's not discuss projection. On clothes it behaves better, I must admit. The opening is vague, almond is evident, plus a weirdo chemically rough to the nose note that is annoying and to me indescribable. A fuzzy note, "raspy", if this word can be used not only for voice. Is it peach? Is it the vanilla? Is it the pear? Somewhere I get Gucci Rush vibes, the comparison is inevitable. Si Passione is not and shouldn't be Rush, and Rush is a completely different concept, where the plasticky peach is rather challenging. After one hour(?) it seems to have stabilised on the skin, with a woodsy base. Some distant cassia from the original is suddenly obvious, then lost again, heliotrope is only to develop on clothes, jasmine nowhere to be "smelled". Now, if you like to smell like fruity-vanilla pureé, sure, you've found your perfume. But don't try to convince us that it is bold, passionate and sensual, it's not. Unless you're eleven, maybe." The sillage and longevity are average and the drydown of Si Passione is rather divine - a cloud of fluffy vanillic woods. Notes: Pink pepper, blackcurrant Jungle Essence™ nectar, pear, vanilla, rose, heliotrope, jasmine, cedarwood, ambery-woody Orcanox™ Designer’s Description: "Sì Passione, the new perfume for women by Giorgio Armani. A powerful reinvention of the signature Armani fragrance, Sì Passione adds a new dimension to Giorgio Armani’s feminine fragrance personality - in his own words, “an irresistible combination of grace, strength and independent spirit". An intense, uncompromising scent for a confident woman who dares to say yes. The red lip effect in a bottle, Sì Passione is a bright and sensual perfume that emits confidence, seduction, and strength. Bright and fresh in its initial impression, Sì Passione opens with notes of spicy pink pepper, like a burst of adrenaline. After initially drawing attention, sparkling and radiant pear brightens the iconic juicy blackcurrant to add boldness. A floral heart beats passionately with rose and feminine jasmine to create a powerful scent, like a seemingly fragile woman who shows incredible strength when guided by passion. The addition of heliotrope makes this perfume addictive and acts as an invitation to self-indulgence and pleasure. The warm and sensual vanilla and cedarwood dry down mirrors the self-assurance that a swipe of red lipstick can instantly give the wearer. After over a hundred tests, Giorgio Armani perfected the vibrant red lacquered bottle that makes this fragrance a perfect gift for Chinese New Year" Number of times tested: 3 times over the last 2 weeks from fragrance samples. Number of sprays applied for this review: 2 sprays to the back of my hand. Fragrance strength: Eau de Parfum Development: (Linear / Average / Complex): The juicy opening of pear and cassis is punctuated with an edge of pink pepper. But don't worry, if you're not a pink pepper lover (I'm not), it's not too noticeable. The fruit is set against a backdrop of florals of which jasmine and rose are most prominent, thought not necessarily recognizable. The vanilla indeed sweetens the entire composition but this is by no means a vanilla scent. The warmer woods show up in the drydown, my favorite part of Si Passione, and I do wish they would have played a larger role throughout the fragrance's development. Perhaps we'll see them in a Si Passione Night? Or a Si Passione Intense? Longevity: (Short / Average / Long-lasting) Si Passione remained perceptible on my skin for about 4-5 hours, albeit the second half of my wearing was rather quiet. Sillage: (A Little / Average / A Lot) Si Passione is one of the subtler scents of the line. Truth be told, I had a hard time smelling it on myself though I did receive a compliment when I got into a car with a friend about an hour after application. Note about the packaging: The traditional Si bottle is this time internally coated with a deep scarlet red ad adorned with gold lettering while the cap is a shiny black ringed with gold. Where can I buy it? A 50ml is $86 USD at The Bottom Line: I fully admit that my entire fascination with Si Passione stemmed purely from the attractive, eye-catching bottle on display in duty free. I am not a huge fan of the original Si or its numerous flankers though I do think the scent is successful in what it aims to achieve, a modern frutiy-chypre, aka "fruitchouli". But I think that bottle is a total success and will likely lure a curious nose or two. The description from Armani's websites - UK and USA - are quite intriguing. In the designer's description above (which is from the UK site), the brand specifically mentions Chinese New Year which of course references an Asian audience (this is not mentioned on the USA website). So I considered that perhaps, on some level, Passione was developed for the Asian market which has a slightly different market-profile from the Western/European market. Perhaps this is one reason why the patchouli was removed and the fruity notes were the focus of this lighter, slightly fresher and more delicate composition? This is just conjecture but after living and traveling in Asia for more than a decade, this would make perfect sense to me. And numerous brands do indeed develop flankers for specific markets. And I just have to ask something - Orcanox? Really? As in the killer whale orca? But why? Because of the ambergris connection? (Whales = ambergris = woody-ambery = orcanox?) I liked Si Passione and I imagine it will find its fans, especially if the brand continues to develop Passione as its own sub-collection, but I prefer my Si with its bolder, richer patchouli-chypre edges, and Si Le Parfum remains my favorite version of the line. Previous Fragrance Reviews Next Author Dr. Marlen Elliot Harrison Columnist Dr. Marlen Elliot Harrison’s journalism in the fragrance industry has appeared in international print and online publications such as Playboy, Men’s Journal, Men’s Health and the New York Times. Marlen is also a regular contributor to and works as a graduate professor, thesis advisor and faculty supervisor for MA programs in TESOL, Education, Writing and Literature. Learn more about Marlen by visiting

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Njo 06/19/18 10:31

Does anyone know a dupe for giorgio armani si passione?

Luminan 06/02/18 12:55

I don't like so much the original Sī, but this one I love <3
Balenciaga Paris

Perfumedsecrets 03/11/18 10:36

Why do they do this? The perfume doesn't match the bottle or name at all. And to address a comment below... I doubt she's had any surgery. These photos are heavily Photoshopped.

olgamed 03/04/18 14:31

Nice, nothing thrilling ...just nice.
A comment from a 9 y.o. perfume lover (with an exceptionally expensive taste too!): "Smells like the perfume aisle in Boots"...
Can't agree more!
No seduction in the bottle for me whatsoever...neither internally nor externally...

jillian.brown 03/04/18 10:06

As soon as I read that it is described as a "perfect gift for Chinese New Year," I knew it had to be largely aimed at East Asian markets. I have sold fragrance for nine years to a largely immigrant community, and in general East Asian women (China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea) prefer a lighter scent in the floral or fruity-floral categories. Although I am a white American, I share their taste in fragrance and look forward to trying this one. I love the color red, but I don't care too much for heavy perfumes rich in patchouli or spices. Neither does my boyfriend, who is very sensitive to scents. I always have to be mindful about what I wear or he won't be able to go near me without getting a migraine.
Rem Coco

Vanlilith 03/02/18 02:59

Sorry but passion not found in this juice, the red bottle isn't appealing (c'mon all have red bottle this year), low longevity, chemical opening, it's a flanker of a flanker, for me it's a pass.
I still prefer Si edp, the first and original ;)

blake.lee 03/01/18 23:04

Oh good to know, thank you jovejove. The bottle is gorgeous and I want it so I'm happy to hear the scent is more complex.
Frollino Lavanda

fcirone1 03/01/18 17:31

omg plastic surgery has ruined her face....plastic eesh.
Sage Spell

jovejove 03/01/18 11:33

The juice matches the bottle, it’s a very subtle sexy scent. It’s more on the tone of Si Rose Signature; if you missed out on SRS and SRSii, this is the one for you. I love this!

blake.lee 03/01/18 08:19

Bottle is beautiful and seductive looking. It's too bad it sounds like the juice doesn't match it at all.

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